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Saarni Sirkus' summer 2023 tour schedule is now published!

Spring is already here, which means that the touring circus season is approaching. Saarni Sirkus' second summer is approaching, and we have just released the upcoming summer tour schedules!

This year, Saarni Sirkus will visit fifteen different locations throughout Finland from May to September. These locations include Rovaniemi, Sodankylä, Kemi, Haukipudas, Raahe, Vaasa, Kokkola, Seinäjoki, Kuopio, Ruka, Valkeakoski, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Kempele, and Tornio.

This year's tour features eight circus artists who offer spectacular performances and magical moments for the whole family. The diverse program includes aerial acrobatics, juggling, dance, and much more. The performances are full of energy, fun, and incredible skill.

Saarni Sirkus became known in its first summer for offering a special circus experience for the audience. In the circus tent, you can immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere that takes you away from the very first moment. The narrative performance is a combination of circus, dance, theater, and music, bringing modern circus to a traditional circus tent. And as before, Saarni Sirkus does not feature animals or traditional clowns.

Saarni Sirkus is also committed to sharing the joy of circus with everyone. We want to ensure that circus is accessible to all. For this reason, we offer various discounts, such as student discounts, senior discounts, and family discounts, as well as Open Door events. The Open Door event offers the opportunity to get to know the circus behind the scenes and to practice circus with guidance from the artists for free.

Saarni Sirkus' summer tour is an exciting destination for the whole family. Circus is an opportunity to experience something unique and unforgettable together with loved ones. The performance is suitable for all ages, and for the youngest members of the family, we offer (a limited number of) hearing protection.

Check out Saarni's tour schedule HERE.

See you next summer!

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